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‘Hi-Glow Retro’: Alex Morsanutto’s Bullet-Proof Ticket to Feature Filmmaking

Hi-Glow Retro was made by a man who has clearly mastered his storytelling technique, as the film is a concise, smooth and easy-to-follow story with a clearly developed sense of time and space. ”

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Alex J. Morsanutto Directs Ponds' Comedy Spot Shot In Myanmar

“Alex J. Morsanutto directed the spot, which is being broadcast in Southeast Asia while also gaining exposure on social media channels. The job was produced by Silvermine Productions with production services from Yangon Streetlight Company and Paragon Pictures Animations for agency Genero.”

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How to use video narrative for brands’ message

“We live in a very visual time where people want information told fast and in a compelling way. We’re here to tell original stories through original content and brands can capture a lot through interactive video experiences.”

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Hi-Glow Retro Review

“Inspired by his own misfortune, Alex Morsanutto wrote and directed Hi-Glow Retro a “Saturday Night Fever meets The Graduate in a world of Superbad” film. Set in modern times, Hi-Glow still manages to play the nostalgia card in a humorous and entertaining way, and does it with a swinging rhythm.”

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8 Steps to the Making of a Career-Launching Short

"What makes his film a stand-out? Hi-Glow Retro is a snappy, light-hearted ode to high school angst and 70’s disco culture. It’s charming, visually polished and emotionally electric. It’s about underdogs aiming high, failing hard…"

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The Fickle Career of an NFL Player

“The short film Waiting documents his journey home as he looks after his family, especially his quadriplegic younger brother, and trains for another chance to play in the NFL."

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Two longtime Norwalk friends team up for sports film

“This is definitely the most personal project I’ve probably done,” Morsanutto said. “The community really helped with this.”

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Short Film "Waiting: The Story of DJ Morrell" Looks Into The Life Of An NFL Free Agent

“I would tell anyone who is waiting to live out their dreams to just never give up," DJ Morrell tells A Plus. "I'd tell them that the sky is the limit.”

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